If you are planning a long distance move to or from the state of Montana, we strongly encourage you to call us for a quote. As a small company, we are in a unique position to offer better quality long distance moves at rates that are competitive or even cheaper than the large national van lines. Rest assured that your belongings will only be handled by trusted members of our team throughout the duration of your long distance move. We do not use subcontractors to handle your belongings at any stage of the move and will not combine multiple household loads into a single truck. This greatly reduces the risk of lost or damaged items, which is an all too frequent occurrence with long distance moving. Our smaller volume means we can maintain a high level of oversight, communication, and personal service throughout the duration of your long distance move. In addition, we can guarantee delivery dates to the day.

Grant and his team moved us from downtown Bozeman to Denver, and it was seamless. They were very careful with all our belongings, and nothing was broken, which has rarely happened with other companies (having moved across state lines many times with antiques). Plus, for the same price as a big van line, they got us there in two days. Granted, we were already carefully packed and ready for them when they arrived on time at 8 a.m., but they were done loading the truck before noon. We met them in Colorado the next day around 1 p.m., and they were done unloading the truck in four hours. Moreover, on that second day, they had to climb two flights of stairs in blazing 90-degree heat. I have never had such an easy, worry-free experience with a moving company.

Katherine Iosif

Positive: Quality